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Office moving as opposite to the house moving deals with moving the offices and the items within. At first glance there does not seem to be much of a difference between the office and the house moving. However, going in the depth, it becomes clear that the needs of offices are different than a house. In a house moving the schedule is flexible and the movers only have to deal with the furniture that is usually sturdy. In the office moving the major is the sensitivity of the things. The offices do not have big furniture except a few tables and a lot of chairs. The offices however have a lot of machines that can easily be damaged during the move. These machines have their parts with them as well like the wires and the screws. Some of the machines cannot be moved without disassembling them while others are too delicate to disassemble. There is always a risk and sensitivity involved when moving an office. The risks are part of the job and the professional movers, Group one removals Manchester are used to deal with these tricky situations on daily basis. One error in judgement could prove to be very costly for the moving companies.

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Movers in Demand

The offices are not like houses which can flexible moving dates. The offices are usually in buildings and places which are leased and depending on the closing dates, the offices might have to be cleared immediately. These moving dates can be very strict and the movers are given a sharp date to move everything. It can be time sensitive as well as nerve wrecking. If the place is not cleared by the moving date, there could be penalties that the office might have to pay later. Another issue is that of the opening date of the office. If the business has not already gotten a new office or a place, they might have to take a break before setting up a new office someplace else. There are other options that the moving companies offer in such cases as part of their services.

Storage space services

Group one Removals, Manchester provide moving services to the offices are well aware of the opening and closing dates. It is for this reason that they have their storage spaces available where their clients can store their stuff for the time being. It is clear that it is one of their services and they charge extra if their client needs to use their storage space. These storage lockers are given on rental basis and the offices have to pay the rent for using the storage spaces. This is however very convenient for those whose moving date is not yet fixed. The offices can just the moving companies to pack everything in the office and then take it in the storage area. The movers can then store everything in the storage lockers with minimal supervision and the office staff can focus on more important tasks. The office and businesses can rest assured that their furniture and their equipment are safely stored in a secure place.

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Unpacking and assembling

When the date of the moving is finally decided and the stuff needs to be moved from the storage the movers can do it very easily. When storing anything in the lockers, the professional movers take into account, how will they remove everything from the lockers. When they finally remove everything, they load it up again in the moving vehicle that belongs to the moving company as well. After reaching the destination the movers unload the stuff start placing it in the new office. When the new office is populated with the furniture and the packed boxes, the movers once again can provide the service of unpacking and assembly. If the office wants, they can hire the movers for unpacking and assembly of the furniture. It means that the office staff will not have to worry about the furniture assembly as the movers are trained for this as well. The movers however might not be able to assemble the delicate and complicated machine and hardware. The staff in the office can focus on getting the office ready by setting up the necessary equipment and leave the rest of the furniture to the movers.

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